Zero : THE Beginning...


The Zeroth law of thermodynamics….WOW !! Never have I ever, having stayed as far as possible from science lessons growing up, thought of starting my first post with that sentence. Anyways, if you are not a science enthusiast, you are not alone. And surprisingly, this has nothing to do with ‘THERMODYNAMICS’ but almost everything to do with the former part of it. Yes, the Zero.

Everyone often tends to forget the importance of the ‘whole’ number zero on the broader outlook on life. When removed from the end of your bank account, it leaves a huge ‘hole’ in your mind and your money. And when the small notification that chimes in on your device saying that ‘your account has been credited’, with increased zeroes(or zero. Hey, we are trying to be positive here!!), the burden on your mind feels a ‘whole’ lot smaller.

So, on the same lines, I also wanted to start my journey of writing at THE beginning, which is zero and not one(a common misconception, perhaps?).But the answer is ..No. Every time you tell your kid that you’ll start counting and they have up to 10 to hide, you let them know that you are going to start counting .This non verbal communication is ‘zero’ The beautiful, more often than not overlooked, number.