Worried about Your Mental Wellness? Use 3 Easy Tips

I Needed This. Maybe You Do Too.

“Mental health is a “taboo” topic to talk about.”

Almost Everyone.

I am NOT one of those.

For most, it is true. WHY??

When you ask for help,

Half the delulus will tell you to MAN UP.

The other half will look at you like

you have the most untouchable disease in the world.

If this is what you are worried about,

You’ll only find the ones that put up these facades.

Since I have already started talking about it,

Allow me to give you a few tips:

  1. Go for a Walk:

Technology has made me lazier than a sloth.

Staying in a closed environment increases the chances

of higher levels of stress, Research says.

So what to do?

Walk. Get Moving.

Relax in Nature’s Arms.

2. Sleep better:

Maybe you are burned out.

Maybe You got too many thoughts.

Of Work, Family, Finances, Health, and the list goes on…

You start feeling anxious, nervous, and frustrated.

Stop. Take a day off.

Don’t use the alarm tonight. You got nothing to do tomorrow.

Go to sleep thinking that.

A good night’s rest helps.

3. Meditate:

Ah, here comes the Indian yogi to teach the benefits of Asanas and Yogas!

Nope. Not Gonna Do That.

Think of meditation as just another term for breathing exercise

A scientific method. Sounds a lot better, right?

Inhale. Hold. Exhale.

Concentrate only on your breathing.

I think these three should suffice for now.


Less is More. More is more confusing.

Take it easy, people. You got this!

When you are too busy worrying and comparing with others,

You become your worst enemy.

Compare to Noone But Yourself.

Be you. Against You.

No one else.

Thanks for Reading, Good Luck!

Until Next Time, PEACE!!

Your wellwisher,

Karthik “Mindset” Lakkimsetty.