This Needs to be a Prominent Part Of Your Life ASAP

Go from Confused and Lazy to Clear and Focused

Workouts Work Wonders on your Body.

And Mind. Most overlook this benefit.

A Shoulder Injury Stopped Me From Working Out.

For Over a Week, I was back to being lazy

Guilty as charged!

Later, I started exercising my legs.

That’s the least I can do, right?

I felt refreshed, both in mind and body,

Saw my concentration go up by levels,

And my boredom reduced.

It’s not always your body that is tired,

Most of the time, it is the MIND.

And Working Out is one of the best ways to overcome fatigue

Especially in your mind.

At certain times in your life,

There will always be moments of laziness,

Where your mind and body are in Sync, to NOT do something,

For whatever reason,.

That is when you must remember that

Laziness Makes you lazier,

Working out makes your life easier.

(See What I did there, haha!)

And get back on track.

So that’s what I did.

I picked myself up and told myself that I’d restart.

For the last 3 days, I learned, practiced, and executed

5x better than my earlier days of injury.

There can be Millions Motivating you,

But they can’t do it for you, can they?

All that means nothing if you don’t take action yourself.

When your mind is fit, there’s nothing that can stop you.

And the best way to achieve it?


So Work Out, People. If you don’t already,

If you do, keep at it. You’re doing great.

You’ll be in 13% if you start.

9% if you continue for a month,

5% if you are consistent for half a year.

(I made up these, but you get the idea.)

Health is Wealth.

Thanks for reading! Good Luck.

Until next time, PEACE!!

Karthik “Workout” Lakkimsetty.