The Stupidest Thing You’d Hear Today

I’d be pretty surprised if it isn’t

Every day, you work hard,

For yourself, your family,

Pushing yourself to your limits,

Working a job you hate,

Right when you needed a boost,

You hear someone say:

Inspiration comes to you naturally.

Don’t go looking for it.



When you are uninspired, taking a break helps,

Staying in a break doesn’t.

And You Do need Inspiration every now and then.

What to do then?

Go Search for It.

Out In the Nature? Maybe.

In Some Motivational/ Inspiring Stories on Youtube? Maybe as well.

If there are a million ways, Try them all.

Unless you do, you would not know, would ya?

Just Because Inspiration can come from anywhere,

Does NOT mean you gotta wait for it.

Ain’t nothin gonna come knockin on yer door.

Knock Your Own Door. Pick yourself up.

Work For Yourself.

Inspire too, You do it for yourself.

I don’t want someone to come check on me.

I don’t NEED it either.

Why? It’s Extrinsic. Which means it’s Temporary.

Unless it’s intrinsic, it will not stay for long.

Search for the reason within you.

Find the answers within you.

Honestly speaking? No one really cares,

Neither about you nor about me. So?


If you care for yourself, WHO ELSE matters?

Thanks for reading! Good Luck.

Until next time, PEACE!!

Yours Sincerely,

Karthik “Not So Stupid” Lakkimsetty.