Know Your Why

Everything has a reason.

I read books because I can wander across a new world.

I listen to music because it heals me.

I write because it is what I want to do with my career, eventually.

I want to become a full-time writer.

I hope to make an everlasting impact on the world with every word I write.

I talk about productivity because I believe it is an amazing thing to share with the world.

I write about self-help because nobody has helped me.

I teach about growth because I want to grow alongside the people who learn.

I post about mental health because it is where I am most vulnerable.

If I write something, and it helps someone, I win.

And all I care about is winning.

But no one else knows how many times I lost.

No one cares either.

It’s alright.

A single failure teaches you a lot more than a thousand successes ever can.


(Experiment -> Fail -> Learn -> Implement) X multiple times -> Succeed.

Knowing Your Why is the first step in your journey.

Why are you writing?

What do you wish to achieve?

What value do you provide?

Who are you targeting to reach?

Know the questions.

Search the lessons.

Write your answers.


Thanks for reading! Good Luck.

Until next time, PEACE!!

Yours knowingly,

Karthik “Reason“ Lakkimsetty.