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Best-Selling Authors James Clear and Ali Abdaal have proved me wrong..

And why I am so glad to be.

And why I am so glad to be.

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In an earlier post, I discussed a trick that improved my productivity by 400%.

FYI, it still works.

“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure"—Charles Goodhart

The timer-stopping technique I talked about came back to bite me in the behind.

I was constantly thinking about how I could make better use of my time.

I felt guilty for wanting to chill, which in turn distracted me from doing anything productive.

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Half of the reason I am inspired to be a better version of myself is this man right here, Ali Abdaal.

There was a video in which he said something that changed my entire perspective on productivity.

Mindset of Intentionality

“Productivity is the same as intentionality. If I intend to watch a movie, I consider that time productive. If I find myself binge-watching a few more movies on top of the movie unintentionally, then that time is not productive.”

Thank you, Ali, for helping me realize that it is as important to have something you love and enjoy, as it is to work and improve every day.

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P.S. Yes, I do remember that I said I would give you a list of simple hacks to reduce procrastination.

But I thought enjoying your “me time” guilt-free is more important.