I Needed Someone To Tell Me This

I Felt Lost…Until I realized this.

Time and Time again,

You Come Across Someone Or Something,

That Tells You to Stop, To Give Up,

Saying It’s Not Worth It.

That It’s a Waste Of Time.

At That Moment, Ask Yourself This:

Not Worth For Who?

A Waste Of Time For Who?

Nobody In The World Can Tell You,

What’s Possible, and What’s Not.

I Doubted Myself For So Long,

Before I Started.

It Took a lot More Time To Become Consistent.

I Felt Like I was Losing My Confidence.

At That Moment, I Told Myself

“One. More. Time.”

I am Not Done Yet.

If You Haven’t Given Up,

I Applaud You.

If You’re Thinking Of Giving Up:

One. More. Time.

Life is Hard.

Feels Funny Coming from a 24 Year Old, Doesn’t It?

But I had Enough Experiences With Mind, Health, and Body.

(More on that some other time.)

And a Few More Life Lessons,

To Put Me Back In Place, When I was Flying.

Pushing Me, To Pick Myself Back Up,

When I was Falling.

Here’s a Quote from One Of My All-Time Favorite Animes.

I Might Lose. I Might Fail.

But I am Getting Right Back Up


Coz I am Never. Ever. WEAK!

Thanks For Reading. Good Luck!!

Until Next Time, PEACE!

Your Believer,

Karthik “Don’t Give Up“ Lakkimsetty.