An eye-opening experience(For all the introverts out there).

Have you ever heard your friends say, ”Get a real hobby instead of staying home 24/7”?.

Well, for the first time in my life I had experienced this a few days ago. So, I am sharing the harsh reality that hit me like a truck.

I had an external exam, a tough one at that.

After completing it, I did not return home immediately as I wanted to take a breath of fresh air.

Once I had my lunch, I started going over my options on what I can do.

Do you know what I found?


There was absolutely nothing I actually wanted to do outside!

I tried convincing myself to go to a mall, beach, or at least a clothing store.

Everything was subconsciously retorted by my own brain like,

“ You are not gonna buy anything, so why even go to mall,

or a clothing store if you would just feel guilty later?

You would like to go to beach? You never liked the beach!

Feel like hating yourself more, aren’t ya?

Don’t you worry on that part. You are not alone.”

In the end, I just gave up and went back home to pick up my favorite hobby:

Reading books for fun.

Even then I could not completely concentrate because my brain was tired after the exam.

So, to conclude, when you want to take a breath of fresh air,

try doing something that does involves you getting out of your cozy shell,

yeah your house I mean.

Even if it is not something you ordinarily do,

give it a try so your brain has a different thing to approach.

But do remember, try to relax instead of trying to get something out of it.