Everyone Keeps Forgetting This.

I Advise you don’t.

I Advise you don’t.

Been Working From Home Since the End of 2021.

Other than Family Occasions every now and then,

I don’t go out anymore.

Been watching beaches for the past decade,

they don’t pique my interest anymore.

So I decided to go for a movie.

It was 1 Hour Away.

The Movie was 1:30 Hrs.

So I thought WHY Waste 2 Hours for 1:39 film??

I still went with an open mind.

I added an energetic playlist to listen to while driving.

I was Singing the Lyrics Out Loud, Enjoying the Driving,

Loved the Movie,

Enjoyed My Lunch

Went Shopping for Clothes.

Well, Just Trying them on At least.

Blasted Music on Return.

Looking Back,

This made me realize:

It’s not too bad. Gotta do it more often.


A Lot Of People Forget it

as they keep Running without a break.

See the World, People.

You’d find a Child’s Fascinating Smile,

A Beautiful Girl (or a Handsome Boy) That Passes By

Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Older Parents Doting on their Adult Daughter

A Cute Couple

All Ways of Life.

Some will Make You Smile, While Others Make You Think.


Being Alive is a Lot Different from Living.

So Don’t just be alive,

Live. Love. and Laugh.