The Reality That Slammed Me When Growing Up

A Story of a Small-Town Kid

I was 5, My Brother was 7.

I remember sitting on my Aunt’s Veranda,

The Main Road Right in front of our eyes,

Staring amusingly at all the different Bikes and Cars

that used to make various noises, and be of various designs.

We used to play a game,

To See How many Motorbike and Car Brands we can name,

Whoever gets the most in a time period wins.

I Loved it.

I guess that was the beginning of my Obsession.

I Still turn my head whenever I see a New Car or Bike,

My Mom and Dad Smile at me every time I Stop in my tracks,

To appreciate beauty.

I Dreamed of Having an entire garage of Cars,

At least 7, one a day of the week.

Do I Still Want to Achieve that Dream??

Being Selfish, Yes.

Being Honest, No.


I Grew Up.

I Still Love Cars,

But Growing Up,

I started Learning more about finances

And the technical jargon related to it,

Assets, Liabilities, Taxes, and Depreciation Etc.

It also made me realize how innocent and narrow my thought process was,

But Hey! I was young. Cut me Some Slack here.

To have 7 Cars in My garage,

I need what?

A Garage That Size.

A House that size.

So that is a lot more now than 20 years ago.

That taught me

Dream Big. Learn Bigger

Thanks for reading! Good Luck.

Until next time, PEACE!!

Yours Childishly,

Karthik “Dream & Learn” Lakkimsetty.