Is This the World’s Most Controversial Quote?

Money does not buy happiness.

You would have heard many celebrities, successful people quote this.

Money Does Not Buy Happiness.

But middle-class and poor people would be like:

It's easy for you to say since you have everything you want.

Remember Jim Carrey? The Grinch, Mask, and many more.

He said something like:

“Since I have money, I am the right person to say that

money does not buy happiness.”

You cannot ask a man without a car, “Is a car useful?”.

Since he does not have it, he would not know.

But he wants it, so he’ll tell you how useful it is.

But if you ask a guy who has had it for quite a while, he’ll tell you the cons:

“You don’t need it as much as you think you do.”

What I understand from everyone who said that quote is this:

Money does not buy you happiness if your whole purpose is getting rich and wanting something—a materialistic desire.

If you hate the journey, your destination of becoming rich

will NOT make you feel better.

Searching for meaning within yourself and understanding yourself are the best ways to achieve happiness.

I am not rich enough to neither stand by nor be against the quote,

but I can honestly say that half my dreams require money.

So having more money does not hurt now, would it?

Thank you for reading!! GOOD LUCK.

Until next time, PEACE!!

Yours Truly,

Karthik “Self” Lakkimsetty.