Happy New Year

a new dawn, but the same day??

Hopefully not. I have always been cynical about “new year - new resolutions” sort of thing. Why? Because, I tried. And I failed.

Years ago, I remember creating a bucket list for myself on the things I want to achieve . I have started it successfully but could not keep it up. I procrastinated whenever i had to do something, postponing till cancellation. Not only did the plans fail to reach fruition, I also did not feel a tiny bit of regret for failing to keep my promises. Reason? Everybody creates resolutions for new year and almost nobody follows them through.

Almost .That’s the word that made me realize, I will not be able to follow these resolutions if I decide to start them on a particular day like new year or any other auspicious day. If i wanna do something, I need to start today, not some time else. So, I started. And guess what?? I still follow it to this day. Things like working out, reading are habits i successfully ingested into my daily life.

And this was such an eye-opening experience for me because it made me understand that if time stops for none, why should I? Whenever I think of doing something i will look into it immediately. If it takes longer than I anticipated, I bookmark it and move on.

In that way, I can come back to my thoughts whenever i want to and carry on from the previous checkpoint. These bookmarks started occupying my entire taskbar a few months later so i had to revisit them and order them based on the priority and clean it up.

That’s how i understood i need an actual plan to do this.

What better way to create a plan than start scribbling my own thoughts? from an outsider’s perspective, it might look like Latin and Greek, but as long as you can understand your own words, why bother?

Once i started jotting down all the ideas, I went back to them the next morning so as to organize them as per my productivity planner.

You can find my post on productivity here on medium.

But that is not all, as the days went by, i got stuck too. So that is why it is very important to remember that Baby steps,people, baby steps make you better.