4 Simple Tips To Overcome Overthinking

Make your Life Easier with These Tips

I Was a Regular to Overthinking.

Did I realize that I was overthinking?

A few Times, Yes.

So, what did I do?

I started overthinking why I was Overthinking.

The Hell and Rabbit Hole You Don’t Want to Fall Into.

Trust Me. It Only Gets Worse From There.

By The Time I Thought of Overcoming It,

The Whole Day Was Gone Up Smoke.

How do I stop this?

As a Beginner,

I Started Noting Down Four Things

  1. What Time of The Day?

  2. What am I Doing At The Time?

  3. What Type Of Things Am I Overthinking About?

  4. How Many Times a Day Am I Overthinking?

1. Time of the Day:

When am I overthinking?

Morning, Right When I Wake Up? Once I Started Working,?

A Few Hours into Work? Etc..

After a Few Days or 2–3 Weeks of Noting These Down,

You will start seeing a pattern.

I found out that I was overthinking at 1 particular time in my day.

1-1.5 Hrs Post Lunch

How to Overcome?

I rest my eyes and mind for a while before starting again.

2. What I was doing:

Working continuously for 3–4 hours straight also caused me to deviate again.

And Start Thinking About Something Else Altogether.

How To Overcome This?

Short breaks work wonders to get back on track.

I go for a Walk. Listen to Music.

Watch Some Funny Videos, etc.

When I feel Refreshed, I Start Again.

3. What Type Of Things I Was Overthinking About?

You can Divide Overthinking into Two parts

Positive Overthinking:

Good and Happy Dreams, When Taken Too Far

Become Illusions You Put Yourself In.

The Illusions, which take you nowhere without action.

Negative Overthinking:

Thinking about all the things that could go wrong

Either in Life, Work, Health anything.

How to Overcome?

Accept that not everything is in your hands

All that matters is giving your best.

4. How Many Times a Day Am I Overthinking?

If It is One Too Many, which happened to me a few times due to workload.

Read This:


Your Mind Hurts before you begin thinking.

You physically feel pain without doing anything yet that day.

You are Feeling Psychosomatic Pain

Psychosomatic pain is a disorder induced by excessive stress or mental issues.

Naming it might be overwhelming. But it is real.

As real as it gets.

Your Company does not give a sh*t about what happens to you.

All They need is results.

So what should you do to overcome this?



That is the least you could do for yourself.

Thanks for reading! Good Luck.

Until next time, PEACE!!

Yours Caringly,

Karthik “Don’t Overthink“ Lakkimsetty.