3 Harsh Lessons I Wish I Knew 5 Months Ago

A Lot Would Be Different Now If I Knew

You can’t change the past now, can ya?

Yes. I agree.

So, all we can do is learn from our mistakes and keep improving ourselves.

What mistakes have I done?

I didn’t hurt anyone (but myself). So, you have nothing to worry about.

No One Cares.

I was worried. A LOT.

What would someone think of my content?

What if they don’t like it? Or worse,

What if they hate it? What if they laugh at it?

Okay, what if they do?

If they hate it and respond against it,

Good For You (what?).

Either they are a*holes OR truly feel against what you wrote.

Hear their arguments. If they make sense, listen carefully.

Revisit your work and find where you can be better.

Unless it is constructive criticism,

Don’t worry about it.

You’ll Never Be Perfect.

So, Don’t chase it.

Every post I wrote 5 months ago,

I took HOURS trying to find the perfect words,

Instead of writing. The Result?

Still the imperfect posts, but with tonnes of time down the drain.

Put in the reps before worrying about seeing results.

Going to the Gym one day won’t get you 6 pack,

Would it?

(Unless you’re doing some voodoo sh*t)

We Don’t do that here (Insert Black Panther Gif. RIP Chad.)

You. Will. Fail.

Let me double down and say this too, so you’ll understand.

You gotta fail. And It’s a Good Thing.

I’d rather fail my first gig than succeed on pure luck and fail big.

Coz that is when the stakes are low.

Fail Fast. Fail Small. Fail Early.

Use Everything you learned from failure,

and avoid it like you did with COVID-19

(Those were some wild times, LoL.)

World Renowned Entrepreneur Seth Godin said this:

“Get it wrong until you get it right”

Seth Godin, Entrepreneur

What a saying. If you fail, why stop?

You might just be one try away from the success you want.

Thanks for reading! Good Luck.

Until next time, PEACE!!

Yours Honestly,

Karthik “Lessons” Lakkimsetty.