1st Ever Digital Product I Created.

A Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming

7 Years Of Experience.

A 14 Year Long Dream,


I have Published My First E-Book On Gumroad.

Ever Since 2017 When I joined Undergraduation,

I Finished My Work Faster.

If There Was a Work With a Week Deadline,

I Started Today.

I Tried Every Way To Work & Manage My Time Better

I Used 100s Of Videos,

Put In Days Of Work,

To Finally Create a Book Titled,

“10 Simple Tips To Work More Efficiently”

A Tried and Tested Compilation Of Not Only Tips,

But Also How You Will be Able To Relate To Them,

How You Can Implement Them,

How You Can Become 10x Better Than Now.

A 36-Page Book.

I Will Not Ask You to Buy it Because I Wrote It.

You Will Definitely See The Results When You,


That is Why I added “How to” as an OUTRO to

Guide You To Easily Put them In Practice.

You Can Buy The Book here.

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Share the Link To Anyone

Who You Think Would Benefit From It.

I’d Really Appreciate It.

Until Next Time, PEACE!

Thanks For Reading.